All photography provided by Marcos Sanzano


Marcos Sanzano is a photographer, director, and a cinematographer. He graduated from Film and Tv School at Córdoba National University-Argentina, he also won an International Scholarship to study in the University of Texas at Austin. In 2015 he won a grant from the Arts National Fund of Argentina for the Web Series "Yo App" which he co-directed, edited, produced and made the cinematography.
He has directed and photographed a wide variety of projects, from narrative short-films, web series, to documentary short and featured films. He has also worked in several large featured films like "Rojo" (2018) starring Dario Grandinetti, working in different areas within the production process.
He is the founder and director of Planeador Films, an independent production company dedicated to working with a broad spectrum of projects ranging from music videos, documentary, narrative films, company promos, branding content and more.

He is currently working on the postproduction of his feature documentary film "Soñando Martín"
Production offices set in Córdoba-Argentina.

But, if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself
— Carl Gustav Jung (1969). “The Collected Works of C. G. Jung: Psychology and religion, West and East”

Things Achieved and Projects to come

  • Won an International Scholarship to study in the University of Texas at Austin. 
  • Won a grant from the National Fund of Arts in Argentina for the Web Series "Yo app". He co-directed, edited and photographed the web series. 
  • He worked in the production team of the featured film "Rojo" starred Dario Grandineti, directed by Benjamin Naishtat. 
  • He worked in the cinematography team of the TV-Film "KM 674: Voltear a Obregón" as Electric.
  • Founder of Ciclo de Cine "Pichón Solaro" (a Film Club Activity) in his hometown Deán Funes. This is a non profit and a free activity for everyone who loves cinema. 
  • Founder of Planeador Films, an Independent Video Production Company dedicated to work with a broad spectrum of projects.
  • Director and Cinematographer of the documentaries Padre de Festivales. The officials documentaries of the Folklore Music Festival of Deán Funes (Editions 2017, 2018)
  • Currently working on the postproduction of his featured documentary film "Soñando Martín"